machine learning / bioelectricity / longevity



The Billion Dollar Molecule

Genentech - The Beginnings of Biotech

Fooled by Randomness

Black Swan

Skin in the Game

Ted Chiang - Stories of Your Life and others

Philipp Pullman - The Golden Compass

Zero to One


NAND2Tetris - building a computer all the way up from NAND gates. Hands down one of the best tutorials to understand how computers work and trumps a lot of what university teaches you in CS classes

Crypto Zombies - easy and fun intro to Ethereum, Solidity and Smart Contracts

Programming Bitcoin

The Little Schemer

The Reasoned Schemer

Rust and WebAssembly (building the Game of Life)


Fundamentals of Neuroscience

Introduction to Biology - The Secret of Life

Andrew Ng - Machine Learning

Probabilistic Graphical Models

How to Grow (Almost) Anything


Crony Beliefs

PG - The Lesson to unlearn

PG - Relentlessly Resourceful

Systems design explains the world

Worse is better

Things you should never do (rewrite code from scratch)